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Helping you to get seen, heard and noticed for all the right reasons | taught by Suzie Parkus
Suzie Parkus
Suzie Parkus
Impact Accelerator

About the Instructor

Suzie Parkus is a highly regarded and sought after business woman and media personality.

With over 16 years of business under her belt, Suzie knows a thing or two about what it requires to take an idea from conception through to completion. 

Having learned many lessons along the way, one of Suzie's passions is helping fellow entrepreneurs to actualise their dreams, no matter where they are in their journey and no matter how far-fetched those ideas may seem to the average Joe.

Having worked with clients in some of the most obscure of niches, Suzie sees every one of her clients as a star and as someone who just needs a little extra help creating their own bespoke and winning formula.

As seen in:

Having previously run several businesses, all of which were grown organically through varying styles of PR, Suzie is now sharing all her years of wisdom to enable you to grow your presence with both finesse and success.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out!

However, in order to stand out, you need to have that competitive edge and that means doing things that no one else does, whilst still being true to who you are and your own personal goals. 

Here's a small snippet of what you're going to get:

- How to get set up correctly (Learn from all my costly and time wasting mistakes)

- How to map out YOUR media journey

- What assets you need and how to get them in order

- How to deploy PR etiquette for media and business success

- My shortcuts to getting featured in newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs, podcasts, and TV.

- How to get recognised by the media as an expert in your field

- How to get paid for being featured in the media

- How to connect with the right journalists 

Bonus materials:

Media training and advice from experts and media contacts

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