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Professional dating advice and support | taught by Suzie Parkus
Suzie Parkus
Suzie Parkus
Dating Coach

About the Instructor

Suzie Parkus is a highly regarded dating coach and media personality.

Having previously run successful dating events as well as being a matchmaker, Suzie was instrumental in over 20 relationships, 5 engagements and 4 weddings in just 18 months.

She has now taken all of her knowledge on the topic of dating, when it comes to what men and women are looking for, all her experiences from the events and matchmaking world coupled with her sought after coaching skills and she now brings this knowledge and expertise to you from the comfort of your very own home via her online library.

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The Club

Oftentimes, it's hard to know who to ask or where to turn to for impartial, honest advice. The Club is a private space for single people of all ages looking to gain advice and support on their dating and relationship journey.

Advice is provided to you by Dating Coach Suzie Parkus.

You can ask Suzie any of your dating related questions and she will post her replay within The Club so that both you and other members to view them privately.

All members and their questions remain strictly anonymous at all times.

You can ask anything, such as:

  • What dating apps and websites to use
  • How best to use dating apps and websites
  • How to set up a good dating profile
  • How to approach people both online and offline
  • How to orchestrate a good date
  • How to move on from a first date
  • etc....

Whatever is troubling you, ask Suzie and she will leave you a reply within 72 hours within The Club.

Welcome to the community and a place of knowledge, information and inspiration.

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“Suzie has that sharp female perception which knows in seconds just where you’re going wrong. She doesn’t hold back from giving honest advice, but always gives practical, useful tips on how to improve and bring the best out in yourself. Her critique is spot on and her intuition fascinating”